Why Therapy Matters

Therapy offers children a safe space to express their emotions, understand their feelings, and develop coping mechanisms. When a child looses one or both parents, the emotional and psychological impact can be profound. Age plays a significant role in how children process grief.


Infants might not understand death, but they feel the absence.


At this age, children may see death as reversible.


Children begin to understand the finality of death but might personify it as a villain.


Teens might experience grief similarly to adults but might be less expressive about it.

About Us

The Stephen Moylan Foundation

At The Stephen Moylan Foundation, we recognise the deep impact of parental loss on children. We offer:

Every child deserves the chance to heal. With your support, we can ensure no child navigates their grief alone.


Hear from those
supported by the Foundation

Dublin 11

I would absolutely recommend the foundation and hope I help them back for all they have done.

Dublin 9

Would highly recommend the Stephen Moylan foundation, excellent service!

Dublin 7

I found the service brilliant. The therapist was arranged to visit the school, which was fantastic.